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This podcast aims to be a practical Spoken English tips and guidance for young professionals, and for students preparing to enter the workforce. The goal is to introduce contemporary, colloquial, conversational, and sometimes slang expressions that are in common use, and can be adopted in everyday conversation easily.

About the Podcast

My podcast, Talking Point, is the result of years of research, thinking, and writing about language and communication. In this podcast, the focus is all about spoken English, and we’ll discuss contemporary English expressions that you can use in your every day interactions. I’m also a believer in having clear, sensible goals, and as you will see, we won’t worry about ‘speaking like a native,’ or ‘speaking fluently,’ or anything gimmicky along those lines. Our goal in this podcast is not to learn English to impress, but to actually use, immediately and effectively.

And I’ve researched language learning and specifically English language learning over the years. I wrote a weekly column on learning English in The Hindu for over 5 years, and as I rely on my language skills in my current job, I tend to think about language and communication actively, every day. Moreover, I’ve myself picked up English as a second language, so I offer expertise not just in the English language itself, but much more importantly in the process, the journey of learning English.

Nilesh Jahagirdar

Nilesh Jahagirdar


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