In this first episode, we talk about what it means to learn English well. What should your goals be? What should you really prioritize?

But we start with: who is this podcast for?

My focus here is students who are in college or are finishing a professional degree as well as the people who have joined the workforce recently are probably in the first few years of their career.

In this podcast, in each episode, we  discuss specific words and phrases and idioms, and we will also we want to learn in what context they’re useful. We’ll extensively discuss word meanings and connotations—that’s where you understand not just the meaning, but also whether the word or expression is negative or positive, formal or informal, sarcastic or neutral and so on. All that’s coming later, from next episode onwards.

But before we go into all of that, in this first episode I want to start off by covering two very important tips that I think should really form the basis of your English learning journey.

Use the link above to listen to the episode.

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